2022 Centella Asiatica Small Bubble Mask Skin Care

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skincare: Mask face care

beauty health: skin care

Use: Whole Face

Type: Washable Mask

Package Quantity: One Piece

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Name: Bubble Mask

NET WT: 100g

Moisturizing Skin: Gentle care

Item Type: Treatment & Mask

Ingredients: Salicylic Acid, Lactobionic Acid, Xanthan Gum, Centella Asiatica

Gender: Unisex

Formulation: Lotion

Feature: Moisturizing, Whitening, Depth Replenishment

Efficacy: Relieve dry and tight skin, hydrate skin, gently cleanse, revitalize s

Cosmetics: beauty

Bright and translucent: asiatica extract

Applicable skin: suitable for most skin