4.5mm Smart Wireless Visual Otoscope Ear Cleaning Tool

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Material: ABS

Color: White, black

Size: 164*68*18mm

Weight: 0.053kg

Packing size: 164*68*18mm

Network standard: IEE802.11b/g/n

Working frequency: 2.4GHz

Image transmission rate: 20fps

Image sensor: CMOS

Working temperature: -10~40℃

Battery: 130mAh

Use: 30 minutes/time

Input current: DC 5V 300mA

Best focal length: 15-20mm

Pixel: Ultra HD camera

Gravity sensor: 3Axis

Connection hotspot: softish-XXX



1.This wireless intelligent visual earpick can be used to clearly observe the ear canal, easily clean the earwax without hurting the ear.

2.The high-definition endoscope, high-sensitivity sensor, multiple lens combination, and six LED lights make the inside of the ear canal clear at a glance.

3.Smart APP and WIFI direct connection can provide clear images in any situation, helping you to clean your ears more easily and safely.

4.The multi-axis gyroscope can realize 360° precise ear harvesting without dead angles, which is convenient for you to carry out daily ear cleaning and care.

5.The ultra-fine diameter of 4.5mm, the clip-on fixed ear tip, can easily penetrate into the ear canal without hurting the ear or falling off.