50 pcs/lot Tampons Swab Vaginal Clean Point Detoxing Pearls

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Feminine Hygiene product:: Vaginal Cleansing Tampons Chinese Medical

Quantity: WINNIPEG

Number of Pieces: Combo

Model Number: Tampons Swab Vaginal Clean Point

Material: tampon

Item Type: Feminine Hygiene

Herbal Yoni Pearls Feminine Hygiene Clean Point:: Gynecological Vagina Detox Swab Pearls

Brand Name: HailiCare


1.Excrete bacteria from your body and sterilize your private parts, aiding to reduce the inflammation of the uterus or endometrium, cervical erosion and dysplasia.

2.Effectively improve cell regeneration to retard aging process and delay menopause.

3.Moisturize and nourish your vagina to relieve genital itching.

4.Natural Chinese medicine ingredients, non-irritating and gentle for enhanced using safety.