Adjustable Hanging Neck Traction Kit

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Material: Canvas, Steel, ABS Plastic

Brand Name: DearBeauty

Application: NECK

Color: Grey

Installation Method: Door Hanging


1.The hanging neck traction kit can powerful support to relieve the pressure on muscle, nerve tissue and minor fractures of the cervical spine.

2.Easily to be hung by doors, no other weight needed, free to adjust the traction force by yourself, suitable for home family use with comfortable and scientific neck care.

3.Adjustable size head brace can widely fit most adults, simple to fix the neck by limiting bending, stretching and spinning, lightweight and practical.

4.A must for people who suffering from cervical injuries, soft issue injury, chronic strain or bone ligament injuries, etc.

How To Use:

1.Connect the ABS plastic clamps, suspension beams and pulleys.

2.Hang the traction ropes on both ends on the weight bag and the traction hook.

3.Make sure the traction belt is hung on the traction hook and ready for installation.

4.Adjust the traction force of the weight bag according to the doctor's advice.

5.Sit down and wear the traction leash.

6. Each traction time can be 15 to 30 minutes. Traction needs at least once a day, if condition permits, can up to 2 to 3 times. Normally 20 days for a course of treatment, or as directed by a doctor.

Kindly Noted:

1. Please check the installation connection carefully before use in case of injury caused to the patient.

2. Critically ill patients and elderly patients should be assisted and accompanied by people for proper use.

3. People who are suffering from heavier cardiopulmonary diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, hemorrhagic tendency, malignant tumor, rashes or the traction areas with skin damage are FORBIDDEN to use the device. If you are suffering from other diseases, please follow the doctor's advice before use.