Electric Cordless Ear Wax Suction Set

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Size: 8pcs

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Material: Steel

Item Type: Ear Care

Brand Name: Hailicare

Material: ABS + soft rubber spoon head

Color: White

Packing size: 24.5*11.5*4cm

Built-in battery: DC3.7V, 200mah

Charging time: 1-2 hours

Life time: 1.5 hours


1. The electric ear suction set suitable for the whole family can be used by the elderly, adults and children., which painlessly cleans the ear canal and keeps the ear canal clean and hygienic.

2. Scientifically strong suction, safely cleans earwax and other foreign objects without harming your ears, giving you a comfortable ear canal cleaning experience.

3. The built-in LED light makes it easy to check the condition of the inner ear when cleaning, avoiding the ear canal from being damaged by the lack of light.

4. The nipple-level soft spoon head is moderately hard and suitable for children to prevent scratching the ear canal.

5. With 32 decibel bass and low vibration, you can clean your children’s ears while they sleep without worrying about waking them up.

6. USB charging design, ultra-long battery life of 1.5 hours, to meet the needs of the whole family to clean the ear canal.