Neck Traction Kit with Over Door Hanging

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Package Size:: 175x105x74mm

Material: Stainless Steel, Cloth

Item Type: Braces & Supports

Effect: Neck Cervical Stretch Traction

Application: NECK


This product is used to relieve pressure on muscle, nerve tissue and minor fractures of the cervical spine.

Hook design, don't need to pensile clog or power plant, can be convenient used at home, in the office, or even in the hospital room.

Easy use and drive the pain away from you immediately.

Traction force can be adjusted by yourself, dynamometer can indicate the traction size, convenient for you to choose the appropriate strength to achieve better therapeutic effect.

Lightweight and small volume, convenient to carry.

Use Mothed:

1.Place a chair in front of the door

2.Place the traction kit over any solid internal door and ensure it is securely attached

3.Place the neck brace around neck and sit on chair

4.Adjust it so that head can bend forward at a 15° angle

5.Pull up and down on the traction rope for gentle relief from neck pain


1) Please ensure the traction is firmly fixed before use.

2) Please ask doctor to confirm you're suitable for doing traction or not.

3) Please adapt the weight of the traction appropriate, not too much strength.

4) The color of product is sent randomly, please understand.

5) The bracket on the connection door needs to be purchased by yourself (This item is not included.).