Pneumatic Shockwave Therapy Machine

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Type: Shock Wave Massage

Technology: Shock wave

Product Model: HPTSW10

Name: Pneumatic Shockwave Therapy Machine

Application: Body

Application: Clinic or home use

Operating mode: Continuous/4/8/16 pulses

Power Levels / Energy 60 to 185 mJ(equivalent to 1.0bar-8.0 bar)

Frequency 1-21Hz

Suggestion for treatment parts: Exceeds 25 preset treatment suggestion

Power: 500VA(350W)

Weight: 23 kg (host only)

Power supply: AC100V-110V/AC220V-230V,50Hz/60Hz

What is shock wave?

Shock wave is a pressure wave – any action that displaces its surrounding medium is a shock wave.

The ripple created when a stone is thrown into a pond is a shock wave. The shock waves used in equine medicine are generated in a fluid medium inside a transducer head and are then transmitted readily through skin, fat, and muscle. The high energy waves are focused within the transducer head so that the shock wave can be directed to the precise area of the injury. When shock waves hit an area of higher acoustic impedance, such as bone, the waves slow dramatically and a large amount of energy is released into the surrounding tissue.

Shock wave therapy Machine---Application

1.Tennis elbow(Painful inflammation of the tendon attachment on the lateral elbow)

2.Shoulder pain with or without calcification(Painful limitation of shoulder movement)

3.Golfer's elbow (Painful inflammation of the tendon attachment on the medial elbow)

4.Busitis troch Anterica (Painful periostitis of the hip)

5.Patella tip syndrome(Inflammation of the tibial edge dye to excessive strain)

6. Tibial edge syndrome(Inflammation of the tibial edge due to excessive strain)

7.Achillodynia(Painful irritation of the Achilles tendon)

8.Painful heel (Painful, mostly chronic inflammation of the heel)

9. Inflammation of the tendon attachment (Painful inflammation of tendon attachments due to overexertion or improper strain, or due to degenerative processes)

10. Acupuncture points (Pain therapy through that treatment of acupuncture points)

11. Painful trigger points (Acute and chronic pain in the back, shoulder, neck, etc. due to permanently shortened and thickened muscles)