Red Light Therapy Pain Relief

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Adapter Output Voltage:DC 12V 1.0A

Adapter Input Voltage: 100-240V 50-60Hz

LED Wavelength:650nm-660nm

LED Diodes:100pcs

Maximum Output Power per Diode: 10-15m W/c㎡

Working Time: 10 minutes(Auto Turn off after 10 mins)

Environmental Temperature:5℃~40℃

Relative Humidity:<80%

Atmospheric Pressure: 860 hpa~1060 hpa

Pain Relief treatment time: 30mins, twice a day, 2-3 weeks

Package: Color Box

Output Power per diode: 10-15m W/cm³

Material: Plastic

LED Diodes: 100pcs

Certificate: CE

Brand Name: KTS

Application: Body

Treatment Principle:

Red light therapy is a form of photobiomodulation or a treatment that uses light-emitting diodes (LED) or low-level laser therapy to stimulate cellular activity to achieve therapeutic benefits.

It has been proven that the right wavelength of red light is beneficial in producing cellular changes that contribute to the production of collagen, which is vital in combating saggy and loose skin.

It is not merely shining a red light on your skin, it has to be at the right wavelength to produce the desired effects. This treatment is known by many other names such as photorejuvenation, LILT(Low-Intensity Light Therapy), LLLT (Low-Level Light Therapy), photobio -modulation or biostimulation.

Red Infrared Light Therapy for Body:

The red light treatment instrument can promote the solidification of the diseased tissue in a short time, thereby producing a series of benign reactions, allowing the production of new squamous epithelial cells, restoring the wound surface, and achieving the purpose of healing. It can cause peripheral nerve excitement under low-power irradiation. So as to achieve the effect of pain relief. It can effectively promote wound healing, accelerate the absorption of metabolites, promote the disappearance of inflammation, make local cell activities vigorous, strengthen metabolic capacity, and accelerate the repair of regenerative cells.