Spa Gift Set With Body Wash Bombs, Body Lotion And Bathtub Pillow

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Shape: Rectangle

Quantity: 7pcs

Mounting: Suction

Item Type: Set

Ingredient: PVC, Sponge

Features: Ergonomic, Waterproof, Strong Suction

Introduction of the pillow:

* 3 Panel Spa Bath Pillow: The spa bathtub pillow can fit any size tubs. The three-panel design spa pillow support the tub neck and back with 7 strong suction cups to resist slip.

* Waterproof and Soft: Applied the waterproof PVC materials that helps wipe down and keep clean. Ergonomic, the pillow is filled with sponge, which make you enjoy wonderful spa time with this comfortable bath pillow.

* Foldable: Store and fold it when not in use, so it won't take up too much space. Also easy to clean, provide more convenience for you.