TONCUR Portable Massager with 30 Therapy Speeds and 6 Massage Heads

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Massage heads:: 6

Working time :: 10h (2600mAh)

Speeds :: 30 (1200-3200 RPM)

Size:: L263*H254*W75mm

Operating module :: HD touch screen

Model Number: Hero 1

Material: Composite Material

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Decibel :: 35-42dB

DC:: 16.8V/1A

Certification: RoHS,CE,FCC

Brand Name: ABOX

Application: Body

Amplitude :: 14 MM

Upgraded Sukitekie Massage Gun - The Muscle Relaxation Device You Need

Sukitekie deep muscle massager gun --- specializes in percussive massage therapy, specially massage for people with fascia damage caused by sedentary and exercise.

STRONGER Stall Force 45lbs Stall force, provides a suitable and comfortable massage for ordinary fitness enthusiasts and working people, just like a masseuse massage for you (stall forces between 40-45 lbs provide adequate power and comfortable usability, and over 45 lbs stall forces is for the muscular).Compare with the stroke length of 8mm, the 14mm can be reached 60% deeper into the muscle.

MORE Multi-functional Modes

Our brushless motor wide range of rotation speed (1200-3200 rpm) provides hardware support for 30 Multi-functional massage modes, whether you are an office crowd, drivers, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and sports enthusiasts, etc. or anyone who has muscle pain problems can find your own most comfortable mode in our portable massage gun.

14MM Stroke Length Accurate Deep Tissue Massage

14MM STROKE LENGTH PERCUSSION THERAPY----The stroke length is often ignored by other fascia guns. It penetrates 30% of the muscle, only 20 seconds to activate the muscle group, and 70 seconds to generate on the skin surface Ripple effect, vibrations deeply relieve pain, dig out those tough knots and target the necessary areas for immediate pain relief digging out those tough knots and Target the necessary areas and get instant pain relief.


The deep tissue massage gun is best for rehealing soreness & sensitive muscle, such as DOMS and Piriformis Syndrome. There are 180 kinds of therapies in the percussion massage gun, combined with NEV battery and QuietPower5.0 brushless motor, to bring you a silent, long-lasting, and various massage therapy experience. So, you can save money and time on massage from massage therapy centers.

30W High Torque And High Speed Brushless Motor

LOW-NOISES AND HIGH-POWER ---specially designed with brushless high torque motor to provide deep and powerful high penetration to relieve and relax muscle pain. this muscle massager gun utilises the latest technology in noise reduction. Even at the maximum speed level, the gun massager for muscle will not exceed 45 dB, which is a quiet enough percussion massage gun, suitable for use at home, office or gym.


The muscle massage gun deep tissue is equipped with a large touch 2.3“ LED screen, you can easily adjust the speed modes and check your massage time(15 minutes is the best). In addition, there are 180 therapy modes in the muscle massage gun, whether sensitive muscle soreness is caused by office sedentary, housework, or fitness, you can be relieved from it by the deep tissue percussion massage gun.

Use Different Massage Attachments Suit Your Specific Needs

The EXPERT Advice of Using Different Massage Head:

  • A. BallHead: Uniform and soft strength suitable for whole-body large muscle group massage and relaxation.(Recommended duration: 1.5 minutes)
  • B.Air Plug Head: Suitable for massaging bones and sensitive areas.(Recommended duration: 1 minute)
  • C.U-Shaped Head: Suitable for shoulders, cervical vertebrae, and bilateral muscles.(Recommended duration:1 minute)

      Note: Don't directly hit the cervical spine and spine, it will cause personal injury.

  • D.D-Shaped Head: Suitable for back, cervical and waist massage. (Recommended duration: 1.5 minutes)
  • E.Cone Head: Suitable for pinpoint tendon,acupoint,etc muscle treatment.(Recommended duration:1.5 minutes)
  • F.Flat Head: Suitable for relaxation and plasticity of various muscle parts of the body.(Recommended duration: 1 minute)

LONGER Fighting Time

The battery of our portable massage gun is composed of a new type of mini electric vehicle battery (LFP), which further improves the battery life of portable massage gun (10h) and the life of the product battery.


Within a few minutes, our muscle massage gun can effectively work over a large muscle group, loosening tissue, increasing blood flow, and temporarily easing pain and soreness.


Many things can cause pain in your neck, including sitting on your computer the whole day working, exercising, or even using your smartphone for a long time. When you want to relieve the pain and the stiffness in your neck, use a percussion massager gun to focus on the levator scapulae muscle and the upper trapezius.


Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness will happen when there isn’t enough oxygen in the body’s muscles after pushing the envelope. Our deep tissue massage gun can help dispel the extra lactic acid into the circulatory system and get you going again. This also has the potential to reduce DOMS that may happen later on.