USB Rechargeable Wireless Intelligent 3.9mm Ear Otoscope Cleaner

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Material: aluminum alloy

Color: royal Blue

Size: 14*1.2*1.2cm

Weight: 60g

Packing size:16.2*6.2*6.2cm

Charging time: 1.5 hours

Life time: about 90 hours


1. This wireless intelligent visual ear spoon has a built-in high-zero sensor and six LED cold light lamps, allowing earwax to be clear at a glance, making it easy to check and clean the ear canal.

2. 3.3 million high-definition endoscopes, smart APP and WIFI direct connection can provide clear images in any situation, helping you to clean your ears more easily and safely.

3. The six-axis gyroscope can achieve 360° accurate ear harvesting, which is convenient for you to carry out daily ear cleaning care and professional ear disease examinations.

4. The 3.9mm ultra-fine caliber and food-grade silicone ear spoons ensure comfortable and safe ear picking without hurting the ears.

5. The 350mAh large-capacity battery and USB fast charge make the charging time as short as 1.5 hours and the battery life as long as 90 hours.

6. The magnetic switch design can automatically turn on when the cover is opened, which reduces the trouble of starting operation and makes the operation simpler and faster.

7. The compact, non-slip body is easy to hold with one hand, and you will not feel discomfort for long-term use.